shelley-cropped.jpgWhen I was a kid in the late fifties and early sixties, comedy albums were taking the nation by storm, and I loved listening to them with my friends. Inside Shelley Berman…Outside Shelley Berman…The Edge of Shelley Berman… Not to mention The Buttoned Down Mind of Bob Newhart. The subtitle of my blog is my tribute to those albums–and to Richard Brave, my friend who had them all memorized and performed them in unison with Shelley and Bob, increasing their hilarity exponentially. I know Shelley and Bob appreciated it.

Richard died as a young adult of diabetes. Thereupon was lost the funniest person I have ever known, as well as the only person I’ve known who was able to roll his eyelids inside out. images.jpg I always thought his eyelids were going to get stuck in that position, and that he’d never see again. But something else did him in first.


One Comment on “Chortle.”

  1. MrWonderful says:

    I grew up with An Evening With Nichols and May, the Bob Newhart, and My Son, the Folk Singer. I can still do many of the Nichols and May bits by heart (or so I like to think.) No Shelley Berman, no Mort Sahl. But then came Firesign Theatre and Monty Python, who made me the man I am today. (Or so I like to think.)

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