Paris Hilton.

My niece’s boyfriend is involved in the world of internet advertising, and knows all about blogs and getting “hits” on blogs and such, so I picked his brain to find out how to make my blog world-famous. He said, “Have words on your blog that match the search terms people type most.” So now I do.

paris_hilton_400×300.gifAnd here’s a picture of her, so I can entrap everyone out there who’s doing an image search for “Paris Hilton” as well.

I’ll do anything to build traffic on my blog–I’m such a whore. Hey, now the word “whore” is on my blog; I’ll snag everyone who’s doing a search on that term, too. This is easy!


2 Comments on “Paris Hilton.”

  1. Mari says:

    This post sent me into a fit of laughter. So much so that my cube mate got a little scared I think. Bravo! I enjoy checking in for new posts.

  2. I think Paris is so very pretty girl beautiful eyes but so very wild

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