Don’t Curb Your Rage.


This season, I detect Larry David using Curb Your Enthusiasm to get in some shots at his soon-to-be real-life ex-wifelauriedavid_sm.jpg Laurie (An Inconvenient Truth) David, with whom he is going through an inconvenient split.

First this season was the portrayal of the Environment Museum (the NRDC Museum, or whatever it was called) as a platform for phoneys and a-holes. Then came Larry’s resentment at having to use,0000041299_20070710162705-11.jpg on TV-Wife Cheryl’s orders, environmentally correct (and scratchy) toilet paper in the house. Then we had the portrayal of surrogate-once-removed Heather Mills McCartney (like Laurie David, a crusader in her own way with her campaign against land mines) as a screaming harpy from hell. Last night, a central plot point involved an ineffectual toaster, the impotence of which was due (one could read between the lines) to its being some kind of solar-powered, carbon-neutral appliance that Cheryl had acquired in another fit of earth-friendliness. Plus we had Larry coming out unequivocally on the side of stomping on spiders, ecology be damned–not to mention implicitly endorsing (or, at least, being willing to embrace for the sake of a good episode-punchline) the species-extinction of minuscule purse dogs that look like rats.

More fossil-fueled power to him.



One Comment on “Don’t Curb Your Rage.”

  1. cafenitro says:

    Dated 2007. Pretty coincidental, eh? An Inconvenient truth, Al Gore is sleeping with your ex wife, Larry and…I smell an Emmy Award Winning Episode of Curb coming on.

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