What’s the Same in 2007 as in 1957?


Practically nothing. But–

1) Shoe repair shops. If you go in any shoe repair shop, it will look and smell exactly like every shoe repair shop did in pict03533.jpg1957. The walls, the floor, the ceiling, all practically lacquered with pigments that have somehow migrated from the shoes; the intoxicating smells of leather and whatever the hell the chemicals are that they’re using in there; the loud machinery that would drive mad any man who had to listen to it all day; the finished shoes waitingshoehorn1.jpg in their plain brown paper bags for pickup. Apparently, there is no better way to repair and polish shoes than the way mankind did it fifty years ago.

2) Bakeries. The same cookies, cakes, pies and pastries; the same ladies behind the counter; the bakery.jpgsame “tak-a-number” tickets; take-a-number-bxp51780.jpgthe same intoxicating smells of butter, sugar, and flour. There is no better way for us to obtain our baked goods than existed in 1957.

That’s pretty much it. Everything else has gone to hell.


Added 4/21/08: For a sequel of sorts to this post, click here.


One Comment on “What’s the Same in 2007 as in 1957?”

  1. tim snow says:

    i have 3 shoe machines does any one want to buy them love to keep them but no room timothythomassnow@gmail.com

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