Pam Beesly, Is That You?


In Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Jenna Fischer (sweet, modest Pam from The Office) gives whole new meaning to the word wow.

But the really great thing about Walk Hard is that because of it, Hollywood will never be able to make a movie like Walk the Line or Ray again. Satire in the right hands can kill, and Walk Hard kills the clichés of the musical-biopic genre like amargaret-hamilton-wicked-witch.jpg bucket of cold water on The Wicked Witch of West. To all screenwriters who might tell the story of a musician’s life the same old way again, Walk Hard issues a big, fat, “Don’t even think about it.” It’s a hoot, and a public service to all Americans.


One Comment on “Pam Beesly, Is That You?”

  1. kurt baurle says:

    jenna, you are the sexiest woman on earth

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