Let’s Fear Huckabee for the Right Reasons–Not the Wrong Ones.


From a blog on The Huffington Post today that’s intended to be alarming:

West Des Moines, Iowa – Two nights before the crucial first-in-the-nation caucuses, Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee appealed to God to grant his supporters guidance as the former Arkansas governor struggled to maintain his tenuous lead.

“We cannot do it,” he said referring to Thursday night’s Republican caucus, “by arming ourselves and taking anyone out. We will go to the caucuses having knelt on our knees and having asked God for his wisdom.”

Huckabee scares the bejeebus out of me, but what I’m trying to decide (in my contrarian way) is if the above quote from him would seem all that weird to me if I read it in an American history book–e.g., if it were a quote from Woodrow Wilson, William Howard Taft, or, indeed, Abraham Lincoln going into an election. It’s a very “unmodern” thing for Huckabee to be saying, but if we wouldn’t crucify Lincoln for saying it, we ought not do it to Huckabee. We should fear him if he were to mix his religion with policy, which in fact he might do, but I think that when he issues statements about his reliance on his personal faith for strength and wisdom, and his trust in Providence for the right outcome, we’re on weak ground to criticize that–unless we’re willing to criticize every American president who said something similar from Washington through Truman.


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