Why Do I Find Myself Actually Believing This Guy?

I think it’s because I’ve finally realized that nothing is real–and therefore it’s only a matter of picking the “reality” that suits you most, and makes you happiest. The “reality” Obama presents is one that makes me feel good, so I might as well pick that one.

Since in reality there’s no Reality, only 6 billion different constructs of it (one to a customer), there’s not a shred of evidence that Obama’s worldview is any more in tune with reality than, say, Rudy Giuliani’s, nor could there be. (How could there be, when there’s no Reality for either worldview to be in tune with?) And of course, for the same reason, there’s also not a shred of evidence that it’s any less in tune. So just pick the “reality” that gets you through the night. That’s what I’m doing!

(In fact, to choose a “reality” that makes you feel worse when there’s one that makes you feel better, when you know that neither “reality” is any more real than the other, is a definition of insanity. We’re all going to die anyway.)


2 Comments on “Why Do I Find Myself Actually Believing This Guy?”

  1. Rovronr says:

    If we can find somebody that can get a few of us nodding our heads in the same general direction (preferably up and down, not side to side) at the same time, that somebody would be a great start.

    My vision is that at a point during the Obama candidacy it’s just barely possible that some of us will begin to emerge from our burrows on each side of the great field and tentatively begin to walk toward each other across the grass. We’ll call out to each other, “Hey, don’t I know you?” and the other person will call back, “Oh. It’s YOU. I think we DID know each other back in the day.” and the barest, tiniest conversation will start. “Yeah. I think we used to be friends.” “Yeah. we used to talk politics. Argue some. Disagree. Then we used to laugh about it, put our arms around each others’ shoulders and go to the bar and have a drink.” “Uh huh. I remember that. How did it come to be that we began to hate each other?” “Yeah. I dunno. I guess we don’t really have to hate each other. I guess agreeing to disagree isn’t a bad place to start.”

    If we can all just figure out how not to scream at each other in rage and hate, if we can figure out what our commonalities are, as well as our differences, the country will heal itself, and march on, as it always has.

    This is the chance I believe Obama offers.

  2. […] like thirteen points over Hillary. As someone who was solidly in the Obama camp as recently as Friday, I can hardly greet that outcome (if it happens) as bad news. Yet I can’t help wishing it were […]

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