OK, I love him again.


As you can tell from this Huffington Post article today (No More Mr. Nice Guy: Obama Mocks Hillary in Stand Up Routine), Obama is doing a terrific job of using humor to deflect the criticism he’s received for his “office management” debate gaffe–and even better, to turn it back on Hillary as a question mark on her ability to talk straight. And it’s effective; he’s convincing me that the honesty in his answer was more of a plus than the content of his answer was a minus, and he’s making me look at Hillary again with a jaundiced eye. This will probably last until the next time Hillary makes a positive impression on me, but in any case, Obama probably should keep doing the humor thing. fdr.jpgHe’s good at it, and it’s working for him. Reading his remarks at this event, I was reminded (no kidding) of Franklin Delano Roosevelt–with whose speeches I am familiar from reading them and listening to them on record. FDR was a master at using humor to boomerang attacks aimed at him into back-atcha attacks that were sharper and hurt his opponents more. And look what happened to him.


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