Hillary, you’re better than this. I hope.


I’m really unhappy with how the Clinton campaign is misrepresenting Obama. Obama (correctly) characterized the Republicans of the eighties as “the party of ideas” in the sense that they had the most ideas that seized most of the public’s imagination in that time. He was saying the Democrats would be well-served to find a way to communicate their ideas in as effective a fashion. In no way did he say that the Republican ideas were the right ideas, or that his ideas emulate the content of those ideas.

Yet that is how the Clinton campaign, in its speeches and its advertising, is portraying what he said. The Clintons are not stupid. If I am able to understand Obama’s argument, they are. That only leaves one possibility—that they are deliberately misrepresenting him because they believe that anything that gets them to a win is justified.

In doing this, they are helping me to stop being an undecided voter.

Here’s a video from a Chicago women’s rights advocate, expressing disappointment in Hillary for related reasons:


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