Mrs. Clinton’s Neighborhood.

The wife and I found ourselves today in Park Ridge, IL–a near NW suburb of Chicago, a well-planned middle- and upper-middle class community, and hillary-as-a-child.jpgthe town Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton grew up in from the age of 3. Equipped only with the cameras in our cell phones, we decided to find her house and document our quest. I’ll tell you a secret. If you click that link above, the arrow on the map doesn’t point to her childhood home. But her home’s location is contained on that map.

Here’s a great old movie theater in the center of town.


The next picture is not Hillary’s house! It’s the Park Ridge Public Library, directly across from the Pickwick. It’s where we found some helpful librarians in the reference department who supplied the address of the Rodham house, and directions how to get there.


Below, eureka, The House. Modest (looks bigger from the front than it is). But nice. A corner house. A little bit “Prairie School” in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright, although obviously not a Wright house per se. There are many such houses in the Chicago area, especially in Wright’s home town of Oak Park, a suburb that Park Ridge shares some characteristics with.


Here’s your intrepid reporter in front of the house. Proof I was there! (You’ll have to take my word that that’s me.)


Although no neon signs point the way, you can see that the community feels a quiet pride in the house from this sign high on the lamppost that stands in front.


I’ll tell you…Though I’m ambivalent about Hillary (I think she’s capable of being a good, even great President, and may just be the better of the Clintons, but I voted for Obama in the Illinois primary), being in front of her house made me like her more. I felt, as we approached her beginnings and then stood before them, that I was learning something about her I liked. In this campaign, we’ve seen Good Hillary and Bad Hillary, and maybe looking at her old house I felt the spirit of Good Hillary again. Is that any way to choose a President? I don’t know; there are probably worse ways.


2 Comments on “Mrs. Clinton’s Neighborhood.”

  1. jackie says:

    my friend lives directly across the street from the Rodham house. in fact, her dad was interviewed for a Japanese radio talk show. he didn’t understand a thing.

  2. jackie says:

    Hilary also went to my school, Field Elementary. I even had her locker!

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