Crystal Ball.


This is troubling. Very troubling.

But that sticky-wicket news about Obama isn’t why I’m predicting wins tomorrow for Hillary in Ohio and Texas. After all, if it turns out voters really do think Obama was lying to them about wanting to renegotiate NAFTA, that would hurt him in Ohio–where they hate NAFTA, and have been counting on his sincerity about hating it, too–but actually help him in Texas, where they like NAFTA the way it is, and hope he’s just kidding about wanting to change it.

No, I’m predicting wins for Hillary tomorrow just because I feel it. Something is happening.

My fortune-telling has nothing to do with who I want to win the nomination. That changes on a near-daily basis. When it counted (in my state’s primary), I voted for Obama.

On Wednesday I’ll either admit to being a complete failure at this prediction business. Or I’ll gloat over my amazing clairvoyance and/or ability to put my finger on the pulse of the American people.


3 Comments on “Crystal Ball.”

  1. eksith says:

    It’s 9:15am EST

    According to CNN…

    Obama wins Vermont.
    Clinton wins Ohio, Rhode Island, and Texas.

    You get to keep your “Carnac the Magnificent” hat 😉

  2. tnaron says:

    Thanks, eksith!

  3. […] You have to admit I was pretty right-on with my political prognosticatin’. […]

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