Is There Anything Else You’d Like Me to Predict?


You have to admit I was pretty right-on with my political prognosticatin’.

Lots of people are saying today that they saw Hillary’s near-sweep coming. The difference is, how many of them were saying it on Monday? My gosh, I put my entire pundit career on the line with that one. That takes guts. The kind of guts that made this country great.

Now that I’ve proved my clairvoyance and/or astonishing political insight, I had thought I might try to make a little money off it by selling myself as a consultant to the highest bidder, but I realized that powers such as mine must never be put in the service of personal gain.


4 Comments on “Is There Anything Else You’d Like Me to Predict?”

  1. Rovronr says:

    How about predicting that Obama will win the nomination?
    Huh? Huh? Huh?

  2. tnaron says:

    That does seem to be where the smart money is. And reading this Washington Post article

    makes you wonder whether the Clinton team can get its act together sufficiently to capitalize on its recent victories. Also makes you wonder whether the nightmarish “circular firing squad” that is Team Clinton would carry over into the White House. That would be unpleasant.

  3. Rovronr says:

    “Where the smart money is” is wimpy.
    “I’m predicting wins for Hillary tomorrow” is ballsy.

  4. tnaron says:

    You’re right. I’m not ready to make my next ballsy prediction yet. The picture is still hazy. I need to make better contact with the spirit world, and then I will have an answer. This is a gift you can’t force.

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