The True Audacity.

After reading a transcript of Barack Obama’s speech on race, delivered this morning, I believe that the true audacity we must find in ourselves is not the Audacity of Hope, as his book title would have it, but the Audacity to Believe We Are Worthy.

I don’t know whether we deserve this man–I have my doubts–but I want to believe we do. How did someone of his quality come along at this debased time in our history? It’s like a miracle.

Hope isn’t the issue. Obama will not win by convincing enough Americans to hope. He will win if enough Americans dare to conclude that despite all the evidence to the contrary, and despite our national self-esteem issues, we are worthy of him.


One Comment on “The True Audacity.”

  1. Rovronr says:

    This morning my daughter Nora sent me Obama’s speech five minutes after it was delivered.
    Here is her accompanying note:

    “I think I might have just heard the world shift. Just a little. But enough to make a difference for one. Which moves the world enough for hope.”

    She’s 30 years old. Old enough to know what she wants. I hope she gets it.

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