God help me, I’m liking Hillary again.

Maybe I can’t resist an underdog with pluck. But I find that when I read the reports that she’s now on top of Obama in the national opinion polls, and that she’s widening her lead in the Pennsylvania polls, and when I read the tacticians who say that Obama blew it by giving a speech on race that was too nuanced and balanced (instead of unequivocally distancing himself from the Reverend Wright), and when I begin to consider for a moment that maybe she could pull this off after all, I get a little frisson of excitement inside.

Obama may be the best politician to come along since FDR—and I think he just might be—but he is that, a politician. So is she—and not in the same league. When I think about them as Presidents, though, I see a closer equivalency between them. Whichever of them doesn’t get the job, there’s going to be something tragic about it. If he comes this far and doesn’t make it all the way, it will be devastating for him, for his advocates, and for the country. We’ll never know what we missed. But I feel the same about her. One of them is headed for a terrible end. I find, the longer this goes, that I don’t feel good casting either of them in that part.


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