I’m trying to find a positive in the press lately ripping Obama for every remark he makes (“my grandmother was a typical white person,” etc.), and I think there is one.

This is a test of what kind of President he will be. If Obama can find a way to rise above the yowling, to take charge of the argument and set its tone where he wants it to be, that will be pretty good evidence of an ability to lead in the same way once he’s President. If, instead, he succumbs to the jackals, lets them feast upon his flesh, lets them take him off-course or off-message, then that will predict the nature of an Obama Presidency.

Because any notion that he’s going to enjoy a “honeymoon” is pure fantasy. If the last week makes anything clear, it’s that. Within three days of his taking office, the press will be looking for every opportunity to destroy him. Either he’s stronger than to allow them to succeed at this — or he’s not.

Best we find out now.


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