Diminishing Returns.


Persuasive column by David Brooks in the NY Times that all Hillary can accomplish by staying in the race is to tarnish Obama. She can’t win. She can only make it so that in the general election, he can’t either.

Even as someone who sees merit in Hillary, and feels she could be a good, maybe even great President, and hopes she will serve our country in important ways in the future, I am convinced by Brooks. If she had a chance of winning the nomination, I can see why she’d stay in. But she doesn’t, and every day she stays on the warpath, shooting arrows at Obama (some of which land), she weakens her party’s chances in November. I used to think the competition was good for Obama, that it forged him into an even stronger candidate, and I think I was right about that. It was. But it’s gone on long enough. The point of diminishing returns has been reached. Let’s hope the point of diminishing election returns hasn’t.


One Comment on “Diminishing Returns.”

  1. Michael S. Conklin says:

    It’s amazing how events can change perceptions and even opinions to quickly. I’ll admit that I was one who held his nose and voted for McCain on grounds that he would do a better job of protecting the country and that Obama didn’t enough experience. Now, even I must admit that Hillary would’ve been the best choice for president among the three. Oh, if we would’ve only known then what we know now.

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