Where I Stand on Iraq Is I Don’t Know What the Hell We Should Do About It. Here Are My Reasons.

The recent violence seems to provide clarity by showing that the surge hasn’t worked, which provides clarity that we should just get out. There, that was simple. But in whose hands does Iraq end up if we do? It looks like it ends up in Iran’s hands. (Based on the news that yesterday’s ceasefire was brokered by Iran.) So, do we want an Iran twice as big and oil-rich as now? It appears our national security reason to be in Iraq is not to “achieve stability” in Iraq, but to keep it from becoming a satellite of Iran. Which is actually a really good reason!

(And, our own security aside, what do we do about the millions of Iraqis who don’t want to be living in Iran 2 but are powerless to prevent it?)

On the third hand, would I want my nephew, who turns 18 this year, to get drafted to fight for this cause? No. Am I OK with Americans dying there just because they volunteered, which they probably did for want of any better prospects? No.

Boy, am I glad I’m not running for President.


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