Immortality Achieved.

The newest issue of Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor is out, and at fine comic book stores everywhere. And guess what? I and my wife Angie are in it.

Harvey and his wife Joyce Brabner have been friends of ours for about twenty years now. A couple of years ago they were in Chicago again, staying with us, and Harvey writes about this trip in a story called “Chicago Visit,” illustrated by Hilary Barta.

Here are a few frames from the story. We entertained Harvey and Joyce at home, took them to some of our favorite haunts (including our friend John’s hair salon Urban Lift, where Harvey got a haircut, and to our favorite deli, The Bagel, so that they could meet our favorite waitress, Brenda), and went with them to the venues in which Harvey was appearing. We really enjoyed the days we spent together, and it was gratifying to read in the story how much they enjoyed it, too.


4 Comments on “Immortality Achieved.”

  1. MacTruck says:

    Why didn’t you invite me?
    Then I could have been in that comic book.

  2. tnaron says:

    Life is unfair.

  3. surlyhack says:

    Hello! I’m just finding this post now, ten years later. Hope you and Angie are well. It was great meeting you guys, and an honor to be a part of telling your story.

    • Ted Naron says:

      Hi Hilary. I’m glad you happened across this blog post, because it caused you to comment, and that caused me to revisit the post. (Since all comments are brought to my attention via email.) Brings back great memories. We’re forever grateful to you not just for how you captured us, but our friendship with Harvey and Joyce. It was great meeting you; maybe our paths will cross again. Hope all is well.


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