Daryl Sherman.

If you are in the New York area, get yourself to the Waldorf-Astoria tonight or tomorrow night, because those are your last two nights to catch Daryl Sherman in the cocktail lounge that overlooks the lobby before her 14-year reign ends there.

Daryl sings, and accompanies herself on the Steinway that once belonged to Cole Porter, who was a resident of the hotel.

Stephen Holden has a wonderful appreciation of Daryl in today’s New York Times. Rather than go on and on myself about her, I’ll refer you to that piece.

I’ll only add that I was lucky to catch Daryl at the Waldorf again two Sundays ago. Actually, lucky isn’t the word—blessed would be more like it, but that sounds too much like going overboard (even though it isn’t).

Just one highlight that evening was Daryl’s performance of a song with music by Bill Evans, words added by Roger Schore, called “In April.” Heartbreakingly gorgeous. It was Evans’ tune “For Nanette,” retitled when Schore supplied the lyric. I had never heard it before. I don’t think Daryl has recorded it.

Another highlight was Daryl’s acceding to my request to do Vernon Duke-Ira Gershwin’s “Island in the West Indies,” a number I first heard her perform at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington during the Great Songbirds Convergence of 2001. This is a combination of song and performer that is as good as music gets, and if you think that is overstatement, well, then, you haven’t heard her do it.

In the event you don’t catch Daryl’s act at the Waldorf these last two nights, you owe it to yourself to check her out on CD. There are several available from Amazon, as well as eMusic and iTunes.


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