A friend (Jim Dyer) told me he heard the true reason Hillary is staying in the race at least through West Virginia today and Kentucky next week. She is staying in because the Obama campaign has asked her to!

Here’s the Obama camp’s reasoning. Let’s say Hillary had graciously bowed out after the North Carolina and Indiana results last week. Although she’d be out of the race, the primaries in West Virginia and Kentucky would still take place, and her name would still be on the ballots there. And—very likely—because of the makeup of the electorate in those states—she would still win both those races with landslide margins over Obama! Now, how would it look for Obama to lose big in those states when his opponent isn’t even in the contest anymore? It would look very bad, indeed. Better, less humiliating, to have those Clinton victories occur when she’s ostensibly still running.

You’ve got to hand it to Team Obama. If it can run the White House as smartly as it’s running the campaign, the country will be in good shape.


2 Comments on “Gamesmanship.”

  1. rbvergara says:

    Intriguing …

  2. Rovronr says:

    I wish I could take the credit ted offered me for that analysis, but I read it somewhere and just repeated it.
    Google “Why Hillary Shouldn’t Quit” and you’ll find a plethora of opinion that I’ve stolen for lunchtime conversations.

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