The Dick Van Dyke Zapruder Films.

Remember how at the opening of The Dick Van Dyke Show, sometimes he tripped over the hassock, sometimes he narrowly averted tripping over the hassock, and sometimes he averted tripping over the hassock only to trip over his own feet? Now scholars can examine all three versions helpfully sunk-up with each other, looking for tiny tells.

Versions 1 and 2 were obviously shot at the same time (the opening shot of Rob coming through the door is identical; Buddy and Sally are sitting in identical positions on the couch; Laura’s hair is the same; wardrobe for all characters is the same; etc.—so that version 2 is simply an “alt.take” of version 1). Version 3 was clearly shot in a later season (the coming-through-the door shot is different; Laura’s hair is different; wardrobe is different for Laura, Sally and Richie; and Richie looks a little older).



One Comment on “The Dick Van Dyke Zapruder Films.”

  1. 4wrdthnkndad says:

    As an infant grows into a toddler and then a young child, so does Dick Van Dyke. He goes from the fragile, insecure child unaware of the hassock, to a cognizant, yet not fully mature toddler who sees the hassock, doesn’t trip over it, but must conciously acknowledge its presence, to finally a young boy who freely moves around the hassock in a playful unconcious manner. Thank you for helping us all better understand Dick Van Dyke.

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