The Betty Crocker of Britain Is—Jane Asher!

Remember Jane Asher? Paul McCartney’s bird in the sixties? Well, besides continuing a career as an actress, Jane is in the cake business. In a cute little enclave of small shops on Cale Street, a couple of blocks from Kings Road in Chelsea, you’ll find Jane Asher’s cake shop. As we did.

She even has a packaged cake mix.

The Beatles “In My Life” walking tour offered by London Walks (highly recommended) takes you by the house on Wimpole Street that Jane lived in with her family in the sixties. (It’s on the very same block as Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s house.) Paul lived there with Jane and the Ashers, and had the dream one night that resulted in “Yesterday.” (When he woke up, he drove everyone in the household crazy for days, asking them if the tune he was humming was already familiar to them from somewhere else. He couldn’t quite believe that this tune that came to him in a dream was not one that already existed. When everyone confirmed for him that it was, in fact, original, he set lyrics to it, and it became (it’s been speculated) the most covered song of all time.

Here’s a video which shows Jane is still a bit of all right. (At the end, she talks about her cakes.)


One Comment on “The Betty Crocker of Britain Is—Jane Asher!”

  1. elizabeth estefania cardoso martiñon says:

    hola soy mexicana y admiro mucho mucho a jane asher tengo 16 años y me gusta como es , y saludos jane asher…………te quiero mucho feliz año nuevo, y me gustaria ser como tu sabes, bueno y esta padre lo de tus pasteles jijiji , bueno bye bye….

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