Discouraging: The Wrong Kind of Ad for Al Franken.

This one takes the wrong tone. Ominous. Dark. Bitter. It has a point to make (though weakened by Franken’s own support for the war for at least two years—I well remember this from his AirAmerica radio show) but makes it in a way that is inconsistent with the witty Franken brand. He ought to be mocking his opponent Norm Coleman over this (mockery is something Franken does devastatingly well), not casting him with sincere conviction as Evil Incarnate, which only makes Coleman seem formidable. Mockery belittles; fear grants power to the object feared.


One Comment on “Discouraging: The Wrong Kind of Ad for Al Franken.”

  1. […] been grappling on this blog with how Al Franken should handle his humorous past (and his humorous talent) in his present run for the U.S. Senate from Minnesota. Now so is Michael Kinsley of Slate. Good […]

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