Sarah Palin.

Picking someone we like—it’s the ultimate Republican dirty trick.


3 Comments on “Sarah Palin.”

  1. rovronr says:

    Not sure exactly what you mean about ‘someone we like’.
    When George W. Bush was asked to name some of the world leaders he would be dealing with, and muffed the answers, I thought, well, the world is safer now than it used to be, and maybe it’s time for a pathologically incurious frat-boy president who doesn’t know anything about the world. I didn’t like his ignorance, but it seemed somehow O.K. for the times.
    When Sara Palin was asked for her opinion of McCain’s Iraq policies, including the surge, her reply was to the effect of, I’m not sure what his policies are. I’ll have to bone up on his policies before I can give an answer.
    This answer is frightening. Unsettling, and unacceptable for an ordinary voter, much less a potential Commander in Chief.
    I am insulted by her choice. She has at last given me the final reason to move to another country if the Republicans win in two months.

  2. tnaron says:

    I hope you won’t move to Canada, unless you can still come back to have lunch. Think of the bitter, bile-filled conversations we could be having for the next four years! We could be eating our own delicious livers, along with that served by the Erie Cafe.

    I guess what I mean by “someone we like” is that, little things like policy views and qualifications aside, she just seems so gosh-durned likable as a human being, and even as a governor. This, of course, is based on knowing her for scarcely more than 24 hours. Time will either bear out this first impression, or it won’t. But her meteoric rise from mayor of Wassila (pop. 7000) to governor of Alaska seems to argue that when people know her, they like her. One more meteoric rise like that could well be in her future, which means I’m seriously concerned that she could swing the election. As you are, or you wouldn’t be angry.

  3. joanieguy says:

    People are shocked that Sarah Palin is so similar to Obama was when he started. Obama came with not much more than a speech and look at him now. Sarah is just in time to watch Obama drift away.

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