Obama, in an attempt to diminish the impact of Sarah Palin’s speech, is saying it was written for her by “George Bush’s speechwriter.” I don’t have enough information to dispute that, but I do wonder why, if this is so, I’ve never heard George Bush give a speech as good.

If she wrote her speech, or the best parts of it, as logic seems to say, that doesn’t make her qualified to be vice-president or president. But it sure as heck means it’s a mistake to underestimate her.

Mickey Kaus has good advice for the Obama campaign: Forget Palin. Go after McCain. They can beat McCain.


One Comment on “Logic.”

  1. […] attempt to make middle Americans think “Jew,” I don’t think it’s funny anymore. I’ve said from the beginning that Sarah Palin was not to be underestimated. Her ability to galvanize an enormous portion of the […]

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