What Obama Should Say.

It’s clear from the final night of the Republican Convention that John McCain is going to be relying heavily on his emotionally potent POW story this fall. Here is how Obama should respond:

“I honor the sacrifice John McCain made. But let’s not lose sight of an important fact. The suffering he endured was in a war that should not have been fought. The Vietnam War was a bad war, a war that tragically wasted American lives for no good end. It shouldn’t have happened, and if it hadn’t, John McCain would not have been put through hell. And that’s why I’m running for president — to make sure that if any American is put through hell in war again, it’s in a war we must fight.”


4 Comments on “What Obama Should Say.”

  1. Mr. Wonderful says:

    This is so centrally and importantly (as Pauline Kael used to say) true, it’s no wonder none of the mainstream media have mentioned allusions to it.

    I might only change “absurdly” (since the foaming “patriots” to whom this might be directed don’t know that means, and think you’re making fun of them) to something like “…unnecessarily.”

  2. tnaron says:

    I agree with your editorial change. And just made it.

  3. Ted,
    What are the wars [I assume you mean militarily] that you foresee we might have to fight in the future…and have these wars been neglected over the past years?

  4. tnaronhw says:

    Hi Diane,

    I suppose what I had in mind was a step-up in our war in Afghanistan/Pakistan. I don’t want that war any more than a war anyplace else, but an escalation of the war there is what Obama seemed to suggest in his nomination acceptance speech, when he spoke of pursuing Osama Bin Laden “to the cave he lives in.”

    As for an unnecessary war, I am of course thinking that what Obama would be thinking is Iraq. The parallel with Vietnam (if he were to make the statement I imagined for him) would be implicit. He’d also very likely be thinking about Iran.

    I make no claim to know which past and future wars were/are more necessary than others, but if Obama were to draw the distinctions the way I think he’d draw them, he’d probably find agreement from his base, and a large portion of independent voters, too.

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