Albert Brooks on Sarah Palin.

Albert Brooks can do no wrong.

Case in point: his funny column about Sarah Palin in The Huffington Post.

Another example: his 2005 movie Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World. Hardly anybody saw it. Even on video. (It took in less than $900,000 at the box office and peaked at #36 in video rentals before rapidly falling off the charts.) So practically nobody knows that it marked a real return to form for him, and is one of the three or four funniest films he’s made. But it is. The scene involving the Taj Mahal — and I say this without fear of contradiction from anyone who’s seen it — is one of the classic comedy moments in all of cinema history, up there with Chaplin and Keaton.


One Comment on “Albert Brooks on Sarah Palin.”

  1. robert nolter says:

    I also thought Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World was one of the funniest movies of the last five years. Brooks is a genius. I feel bad for people that have not seen his stuff.

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