More Free Advice for Obama.

Obama shouldn’t be talking about the McCain campaign’s lies as if he needs to defend himself against them. He needs to hit home that McCain’s and Palin’s lies are a giant red flag for us. Every lie they tell is a lie told to the American people. Make it be about us, about the brazen disrespect they show us every time they lie to us. And ask us to imagine the next 4 years based on what they’ve been willing to stoop to so far. Obama should be asking, every single day, “If they’re willing to lie to you so baldfacedly now, how will you ever expect them to tell you the truth once they get in office? What do you imagine that administration is going to be like, people?!?”

Why am I so generous with my consulting advice? I must be a saint.


One Comment on “More Free Advice for Obama.”

  1. rovronr says:

    I told you I’d pay you.
    The check is in the mail.

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