Hamm on SNL.

Mad Men fans, set your DVRs. From an NBC press release:

Finally, on OCTOBER 25, “SNL” features the award-winning star of the Emmy-winner for Best Drama “Mad Men,” Jon Hamm with musical guest Coldplay. Hamm has become a breakout star on the critically lauded cable series “Mad Men” and has received a Golden Globe, for his performance as well as a SAG and Emmy nomination for Best Actor. He will next be seen opposite Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connolly in the upcoming sci-fi remake “The Day The Earth Stood Still.” Hamm’s previous credits include the indie comedy “Kissing Jessica Stein” “Space Cowboys” and “We Were Soldiers.

BTW, I’m a few episodes behind on Mad Men this year (catching up via DVR), but judging from the first five or six episodes, I think it’s better than ever. That’s because the show is paying more attention to the work world of its characters this year than it did last. I never thought I’d see anything on television capture the effort by advertising creatives to dig down deep for insights, to find ways to connect with readers and viewers, but Mad Men is capturing it. I never thought I’d see the unique politics of a large advertising agency portrayed at all on television, let alone portrayed accurately. And the show is getting across how fun life in advertising can be. Mad Men respects advertising. And that might be the biggest headline of all.


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