For the last year or so, our friend, artist James Kuhn, who lives in Three Oaks, Michigan, has been painting his face. Every single day. And doing it differently each day. As you can see, his face paintings are remarkable — in some cases his face is hard to see under the painting, but it’s there, all right. Sometimes he uses one of his own facial features (an eye, an ear, whatever) to represent an analogous feature in the artwork. Sometimes he completely obscures his own features. It’s trompe-l’oeil brought home — as close to home as you can get, taking the part of the body that most individuates us as humans and utterly transforming it (not just decorating it) through art.

Now he’s world-famous. The Brits have discovered him, and articles about his amazing art project have appeared in The Mail, The Sun, The Telegraph, and on Metro.co.UK.

You can see all of James’ facework at his Flickr site.

Madman or genius? I think I’ll go with mad genius. I hope he won’t think that’s two-faced of me.


4 Comments on “Facework.”

  1. Judy Stoltzfus says:

    Ted, thanks for sharing the work of your buddy James. Unbelievable! I still need to look at all of his painted faces. I love the jolly green giant and little pea. JS

  2. […] series. (You can see the whole collection at his flickr page.) I wrote about him before, and before that, but this painting of TV’s Golden Girls Dorothy, Rose and Blanche is just too good not to […]

  3. Jane says:

    WOW…! Hi! I live in Germany and I saw you on TV and I was very impressed with you! 😉

  4. Jane says:

    I do not know what I like best, because I simply can not decide and I’m very happy with my family and look at your cool and funny pictures and it’s always cool new pictures that you have to work! So I or we find some real cool of you! Keep it up:);)

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