Geese in the Engines.

canada geese

With the dust settling, it becomes apparent why Obama hasn’t spent much time defending what’s in the stimulus package. (He’s spent a lot of time talking about how urgent it is, but that’s a different matter.) The reason he hasn’t is that so much of it is indefensible.

This is how I figure things went down. Obama sent a decent bill to Congress, majoring in stuff that would actually, you know, stimulate the economy. Congress then added a planeload of crap to it. At this point, Obama could have said, “Hey, a-holes, what part of stimulus didn’t you understand?” But he didn’t. If he had, who knows, he might have carried the day — and then again, he might not have. He calculated that it was better to get something through than get into an argument. I think he was wrong, because I think the American people would have backed him. Inexperienced as he is, we trust him a hell of a lot more than we trust Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi. But he was timid about counting on that. Too timid.

Too bad. Now all we can do is pray that the bill the House and Senate hammered out today will do something. Kind of like being a passenger on that U.S. Airways plane that landed in the Hudson. That worked out. Maybe this will, too. Keep your head down and your arms crossed in front of your chest.


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