What If Sully Had Been Second-Guessed?


I have no idea whether Obama’s budget is going to save our bacon or fry it. But I do know my gut reaction is to wish Congress would STFU and pass it. If it turns out to be our ruination, well, it was a nice country while it lasted.

I’m more inclined to want to find out, one way or the other, than to argue about it. I imagine Sully making his decision to land in the Hudson and his co-pilot screaming at him that he’s insane and fighting to wrest the controls away from him and his flight attendants refusing to go along with the evacuation plan because their idea was to land at Teterboro and the passengers in the exit rows yanking out the doors and bailing in midair because there’s no way you can land a plane in a river, and the result not being a happy one.


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