The Five and Ten in 2009.

5 & 10

Remember the 5 & 10? Before Targets, Walmarts and K-Marts, there were human-sized large stores that sold just about anything you needed, from panties to parakeets. Harry Warren and Mort Dixon even wrote a song about them, with a line that went, “I found a million-dollar baby, in a five and ten cent store.” Woolworth’s, Kresge’s, McCrory’s: The stores were cheap, and felt cheap. That was their glory. Most 5 & 10s are gone now. But wait!! An internet site called Wards 5 & 10 — which actually grew out of a real 5 & 10 of the same name in Northern New Jersey — recreates the old five and dime experience, and is here to sell you just about anything life requires. Brilliant! I’ll be over in the aisle with the Ja-ru Fun Bubbles blower. Meet you by light bulbs. Stop and smell the popcorn.

wards 5 & 10


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