I Fear for Jay Leno’s Soul.

jay leno 2

After last night’s horrid premiere of the primetime Jay Leno Show, I can see two eventualities happening:

1) The show will die a merciful death. (And I really mean merciful. It’s no skin off my back if the show continues for decades, because I’ve got plenty of other things to watch, or not watch. But I feel for Leno and the behind-the-scenes folks if they get caught in the soul-destroying rut of having to put this shite on night after night.)

2) The show will be a success, because vast portions of the American public actually enjoy seeing this particular president treated with shameful disrespect (satire works when it’s smart, pointed and funny; when it’s not, it’s just ugly), and think the idea of a white guy singing hip-hop in a car wash is a real hoot. (See Blackface, below.) The right-wing, borderline neo-Nazi demonstrations in Washington this week serve to show, sadly, that an audience like that is just waiting to have its comedy needs catered to.


One Comment on “I Fear for Jay Leno’s Soul.”

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