If Meditation Is Good for Your Health, This Health Care Process Is a Godsend.

meditating woman

It was about seven weeks ago that health care legislation officially passed into “I don’t understand it anymore.” I know some of the proposals, and I know what makes sense to me, but I no longer know what’s in the law making its way through Congress. It’s all too complicated. So the news that something passed yesterday in Max guruBaucus’ Senate committee leaves me feeling neither elated nor distressed.

The health system we have now is screwed up. Whatever the Congress does is either going to make it less screwed up, more screwed up, or exactly the same screwed up. I have no idea. And if I – a guy who follows these things, and generally stays engaged with policy and politics – have no idea, I’m pretty sure very few other people do.

As I say, though, this doesn’t distress me, or make me anxious. What I’m feeling isn’t boredom, either. Thanks to the impossible-to-follow “debate,” I’ve now attained a state of meditating gurucomplete detachment, almost a meditative state, waiting to let Congress do what it will, and to find out later if it made things better or ruined our lives beyond all recognition. It’s actually kind of peaceful.

My knowledge of the new health care law is now on a higher plane, unconcerned with facts about what the new law will do, governed by the certainty that whatever else the law is or will be, it is perfect, because it is part of the universe.


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