Fecal Matters.

january jones rear window snl

Last night SNL had January Jones as Grace Kelly in a Rear Window sketch in which she kept ruining takes because couldn’t control her flatulence. Many realistic and varied fart sound effects painted (if that’s the unfortunate word) the picture.

Last year, January’s Mad Men co-star Jon Hamm did a “commercial” on the show for John Ham, perforated slices of pre-cooked deli ham in cylindrical rolls to be placed on toilet-paper dispensers in mens’ rooms.

I don’t understand why stars agree to this. It’s great for SNL hosts to be “game” and up for anything, but to associate your name and image for all time with wet flatulence and asswipes? It’s not good for the brand. From now on, no one can think of these two great Mad Men stars without these unpleasant associations coming along for the ride. I hate to see them damaged this way. Especially when all it would take to have prevented it is for them to say to the writers, “Come on guys. It’s funny…but you can do even better without resorting to bathroom humor. Let’s shoot a little higher, huh?”

I wouldn’t be surprised if the SNL writers are “inspired’ to write these sorts of fecal sketches precisely when they have a host who brings glamour to the show, as Hamm and Jones did. It’s as if they need to bring these hosts down several pegs, not for the audience’s sake, but as a way to boost their their own bitterly sick self-esteem. Defiling  Jones and Hamm by dragging them through the mud must make the writers feel better, somehow. Note to future SNL hosts in that situation: Just poo poo it.

january jones snl 2


4 Comments on “Fecal Matters.”

  1. jon says:


    Let me ask you a serious question. Has SNL really been relevant over the last 29 years?? I don’t think it has.

    The one good thing that I am looking forward to is the December release of the 1979-80 season on DVD.

  2. Ted Naron says:

    Good question. I’m not sure, but I think SNL continues to be influential among young people. And back in the early nineties (not 29 years ago), I remember how Rob Schneider’s “copy room guy” started people all over America talking like that for a while.

    I’m totally with you that the first five years were the golden ones, though. I’ve been making my way through the Season One DVD set, and it has moments that are just as brilliant as I remembered them to be. Thanks for the tip about the Season Five set.

    • Jon says:

      Hi again Ted,

      I have been meaning to respond to your last post for a while.

      With regard to the claim that there have been good years (after the 79-80 season) – I would respond this way:

      Even the moderately funny moments on SNL after 1980 were never more than mediocre and certainly nowhere near as clever and poignant and intellectual (in a mostly unpretensious way) as compared to the shows first five years.

      The example you gave (ie. copy room guy) illustrates perfectly what I am talking about. I cannot picture this kind of sophmoric humor being included in the skits from the first five years of the show (though I admit I did laugh at this in the same way as I laugh perhaps at Adam Sandler or Jim Carrey on their good days).

      There is nothing really that clever in post 1980 SNL skits and certainly nothing to challenge the intellect with. Yes some of the skits I admit are funny; but many of those same skits rely on cheap humor and repetative jokes (which seems very gimicky and contrived to me).

      Btw- the new 79-80 dvd is amazing (best year of the five if you ask me).

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