I Heard My Laugh on Letterman.

We attended the taping of the Letterman show that aired last night, with Natalie Portman as the main guest. Watching the show, I heard my distinctive laugh at one point during the monologue. It wasn’t on a punchline, but rather on one of those moments when Dave lets a little anxiety show. “Here’s something I found interesting…[grin/grimace] and I hope you’ll agree.” When I heard my laugh, I remembered, “Yes, only a handful of us found that plea amusing enough to make us laugh out loud…and I did seem to be the loudest.” Anyway, now my laugh is making its way around the cosmos. Perhaps an intelligent life form in some other galaxy will hear it someday, and chortle in sympathetic response.


3 Comments on “I Heard My Laugh on Letterman.”

  1. jon says:

    Ok Ted,

    At the risk of being negative… I must make a comment about the show.

    I watched the interview with NP. I had looked for the monologue btw but it hasn’t been posted yet.

    As you may guess; I rarely watch television and its been a very long time since I watched Letterman’s Late Show (if that is what it is called).

    That being said – I have a terrible need to speak the truth. David Letterman is not funny anymore.

    I am sorry but he is simply not funny (or perhaps my taste in humor has changed… I’m not sure.

    In addition, the younger “Chris Elliots” on the show are are basically – lame. Sorry to be so blunt about this but its true.

    I can understand if you may disagree but this is just my opinion..

  2. Ted Naron says:

    I won’t quarrel wth your sense of humor, Jon.

    I’ll just add as a footnote that we were both highly impressed with the “well-oiled machine” quality of the show when viewed in person. It’s like a military operation. All live-on-tape TV has to be this way, but the precision of the whole Letterman operation especially struck me.

  3. rovronr says:

    And Natalie Portman. Woof.

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