Does Ron Rosenbaum Read My Blog?

Ron Rosenbaum (whom I admire) wrote a column for Slate yesterday in which he called for the retirement of worn-out catchphrases. A warm, gratifying feeling of validation coursed through my veins when I got to this paragraph:

And how about spot on? I’d thought this Anglicism, this purported, imported faux sophistication—a sophistication as authentic as Madonna’s British accent—would have died the death of the terminally pretentious. But along with the apparently ineradicableat the end of the day, it’s still with us. It’s the end of the day for you, spot on. Or as the lower orders used to say over there: Sod off, spot on.

Hey, Ron, I beat you to it by three months! (September 21 to be exact.) On both phrases! Woo hoo!


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