Boy, Am I Glad I Never Watched “Lost.”

That’s not exactly true. I did watch the first three episodes of the first season, was confused, had a premonition that my confusion was never going to get cleared up, and stopped.

Now, 118 episodes later (not counting those first three), this means that I’ve had 118 hours of my life that weren’t Lost. Just shy of 5 full days. I win.

Maureen Ryan, the TV critic of the Chicago Tribune, who loved the series, had this to say in her rhapsodizing recap of the finale:

As things got under way in the well-paced first hour, Jack and his friends, Kate Austen, Hugo ‘Hurley’ Reyes and James ‘Sawyer’ Ford, encountered the Man in Black/Locke, who revealed his plan to put Desmond Hume in the magical cave and thus send the island to the bottom of the ocean.

Maureen, you just made me more thankful than ever for those 5 extra days.


One Comment on “Boy, Am I Glad I Never Watched “Lost.””

  1. Jon says:


    There is nothing on tv worth watching.

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