I Have My First Waffle of the 21st Century.

This may be hard for you to believe, but…I just ate my first waffle this century. Also my first waffle of the millennium, even though Y2K seems a millennium ago itself.

I love waffles. But I don’t dare eat them. Pancakes, yes–but waffles are more decadent, with all those square pockets purpose-built to soak up butter and syrup. Today, however, I was at the Cornerstone Cafe in Chicago, a simple diner at the three-way of Elston, Western and Diversey that we frequent. At the Cornerstone Cafe, everything is good. (Including the people.) So when the pecan waffle called out to me–and who knows why it picked today of all days to do so?–I was powerless to resist.

As I tucked into my waffle, all studded with pecans inside and out, I realized, with complete certainty, that the last time I had a waffle was sometime in the 1990s. I can picture that one, too, and I can picture exactly where it happened. It wasn’t a pecan waffle, and it wasn’t at the Cornerstone (which didn’t exist back then), but it was good.

Today’s was better, though. If you’re only going to have one waffle this century, the Cornerstone is a fine place to have it.


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