A New Slogan for America.

Last night on Chicago television, I saw an Alexi Giannoulias (Dem. for Senate) commercial saying how bad Mark Kirk (Rep. for Senate) was, followed by a Mark Kirk commercial saying how bad Alexi Giannoulias was, immediately followed by another Giannoulias commercial saying how bad Kirk was, immediately followed by another Kirk commercial saying how bad Giannoulias was.

We’re living in a sketch comedy and we can’t get out. Which inspired me to create the bumper sticker above.

Wait, I just thought of another one. Do you like this better?


6 Comments on “A New Slogan for America.”

  1. Rovronr says:

    The horrible fact is that as a voter, I really can’t pinpoint a reason to vote for either of these mopes. It’s a little like high school, when I couldn’t figure out what any of the candidates for Class President could do for me. In this case, I guess if I vote for a Democrat, they’ll go to Congress and vote with other democrats to green light Obama’s programs. The Pubs will vote against Obama’s programs. Except that in the case of health care, some of the Dems voted against it. So they’re not a solid block. So I guess I need to find out what these guys stand for. Except that if I try to figure out what they stand for, I have to look into their literature, pro and con, where all I find is lies and misrepresentations, and can’t trust either one. I guess I DO know that a Repub will DEFINITELY vote against ANYTHING Obama wants, so I could vote for gridlock in Washington which used to be a pretty good thing, I thought, but now, with the economy so screwed up might be a bad thing. Maybe I don’t want government to be gridlocked anymore. I could ask whether either candidate will live in a Christian Cult house in Washington and surf porn, or might take money from BP to let oil companies pollute the Gulf some more, or maybe will use his term in DC to bump his lecture circuit fees after he gets out of office. Who the hell ARE these fools, anyway. I’m getting exasperated with this whole deal. (d) or (r) is so mixed up even Fox gets confused in their subscripts sometimes. And we all know that Fox is really fair and balanced in their news coverage. Whatev. I guess I could move to another country, but that would be even harder than putting up with the screwy politics here, because it would take so long to qualify to vote that I’ll be dead before that happens, so I guess I’ll stay here with the devil I know. Boy, Ted, you’ve sure got me baffled now. And anyway weren’t you an airline once?

  2. Ted Naron says:

    The last time I voted for a Republican was Charles Percy for Senate in 1972. But I’m considering doing it this year, because I think I loathe Mark Kirk less than I loathe Alexi Giannoulias, and because people from the North Shore tell me he’s not so bad.

    • Rovronr says:

      Ted, you know how much I respect your judgement in these matters. Therefore, a ringing endorsement from the North Shore proves extremely helpful to me in deciding whom to vote for. The last person from the North Shore that I followed politically was Donald Rumsfeld, who proved to be highly effective at something or other, I forget what. I also just ended the last two sentences with a preposition and an adverb. Sorry.

  3. Rovronr says:

    My bad. Don’t mean to whither. Might dither a bit, tho.

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