A Horrible Grammatical Mistake That Is Becoming Fashionable, and Therefore Must Be Stopped.

In the last year, I’ve heard this more and more from young adults: Her and me went to the movie. Her and David are dating. Susan and him bought a house.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the young adults talking this way were high-school dropouts. They’re not. They’re college graduates, and they have to know better. I know they’ve been taught better.

That’s why it’s clear to me that this is not a matter of ignorance, but of style. This horrible grammar—this use of the objective case pronoun when the subjective case is correct—is being chosen, deliberately, by young educated people, because it sounds better to them.

The subjective case pronoun is correct in each of the above instances. She and I went to the movie. She and David are dating. Susan and he bought a house. The pronouns are subjects in those sentences, the verbs are predicates. You use the subjective case. It’s a no-brainer.

But if you, an educated young adult, have trouble remembering the logic, and need a handy rule-of-thumb, just imagine using only one pronoun. Would you say, “Me went to the movie…Her went to the movie…Her is dating….Him bought a house?” No, you wouldn’t. It sounds awful.

So is what you’re saying. Stop it.


5 Comments on “A Horrible Grammatical Mistake That Is Becoming Fashionable, and Therefore Must Be Stopped.”

  1. william marks says:

    The following is absolutely true.

    An elementary school teacher wrote us a thank you note for a gift, with the following sentence:

    “Thank you for coming to David and I’s wedding.”

    This is from someone who is allowed to shape the future of American schoolchildren–so no wonder they’re all sounding like jackasses. Since I don’t know where to begin in commenting on this particularly novel bit of illiteracy, I’ll just sum it up with a mournful “oy.”

  2. Ted Naron says:

    Oy, indeed.

  3. Rovronr says:

    Truly, me and the world is spinning off our axes.

  4. I’ve been griping about this for years. You hear broadcasters and even professionals with advanced degrees using the wrong pronoun cases all the time. My pet peeve is the improper use of the subjective case as in “I went with John and he,” “that was done by Mary and I.” The grammatical offenders always use the incorrect subjective case with an air of pretension as if they are striving to be precisely correct, when they should know they are egregiously wrong. This rampant misuse of the English language should be refudiated!

    • william marks says:

      “Between you and I” is an iconic example of what you’re describing.

      And not to bring up the sorest of sore subjects for me, but a related cringe-worthy happening is the rampant use of inapproriate quotation marks, which for some reason is the house specialty of a functionally illiterate restaurant industry:

      We “reserve” the right to refuse service to anybody.

      “Homemade” chili

      Fresh pie “daily”

      ……..the list “goes” on

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