Republican Asses.

Here’s the only that surprises me about the budget impasse.

I fully accept that most Republicans in the House of Representatives are from districts where most of the people are stupid; these constituents don’t understand the scale of the financial catastrophe that will result from failure to reach an agreement to raise the U.S. debt ceiling, and, being relatively poor, don’t have much to lose if it happens, and so their congresspeople pander to them.

But a certain number of House Republicans — not a majority, but a not-negligible portion — come from suburban districts where most of the people have some education and a modicum of intelligence. And, more to the point, these constituents have money, and therefore stand to lose a lot of it when the market in every type of security collapses as a consequence of the U.S. defaulting on its debt. These Republican constituents, you would think, would be contacting their congresspeople and saying, “Look, you a-holes, do what it takes to come to some kind of agreement in time to prevent my portfolio from going down the toilet.” There ought to be enough Republicans from that kind of district to make a difference.

I still have faint optimism that the intelligent, monied, self-interested people in Republican congressional districts will exert this kind of pressure on their representatives, but I have to confess some head-scratching that it hasn’t happened yet.

One Comment on “Republican Asses.”

  1. Ted Aboyne says:

    LOL – whose your representative?

    I really really dislike when someone whom I might agree on many issues simply and broadly strokes full districts of people as stupid because a fraction of that districts population voted for someone other then their choice.

    I am as liberal as they come, but you are such a part of the problem. These broad thoughtless, easy ‘sound bite’ digs at others. But I know enough people that probably think your the smartest guy in the conversation simply because they rely on you and the Daily Show for the sum of their thinking. Can’t be bothered to actually have full arguments about a topic, it’s just easier to call others stupid. It gets more attention that way.

    Nice looking blog … simple in design as it is in content.

    If you want to make a difference – don’t just blame.

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