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Ted Naron is a writer who has won every major advertising creative award with television work for United Airlines, Sony, General Motors, Kellogg’s, and other clients. He invented The Special K Pinch and the “Times Like These Are Made for Taster’s Choice” campaign, and with a series of superb creative partners was responsible for many United Airlines “Rhapsody in Blue” commercials between 1987 and 1996.

What drove him is this: a desire to amuse, to entertain, to move emotionally, in short, to make the lives of Americans a little more interesting if only for 30 or 60 seconds at a time. In the same spirit of giving back, today Ted teaches Sunday school, serves on a temple committee to help create a text for future b’nai mitzvah of his congregation, and shares his insights about the world on this blog.

26 Comments on “About Ted”

  1. Mark Naron says:

    Hello Ted.

    Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that you have a distance relative living here in Seattle, Wash. Not to many Naron’s in the USA so I thought I would introduce myself. I am also a fan of blogging but I mainly talk about the audio recording world.

    Mark Naron
    Seattle, Wash.

  2. jaqueline mitchell says:

    You have a picture of Custer’s Last Stand on your entry for 25 March. We are interested in using this picture for a book jacket, and I wonder if you can tell me its source please. Many thanks.


  3. john Meyer says:

    Hey, Ted,

    John here, John Meyer; looking forward to seeing you in June,
    maybe Sunday the 13th, either lunch or dinner. Are there any unique/provocative/fun shows playing in Chicago that we should see? God of Carnage is our new fav’rit play. Funny.

  4. Rovronr says:

    Better picture on your front page.
    I like it.
    Are you sniffing a poppy?

    • Ted Naron says:

      No, silly, I’m stopping to smell the roses, because that’s the kind of upbeat, happy-go-lucky, nary-a-care-in-the-world guy I am.

  5. Ted,

    I have read them all, from Hitler to Dick Clark,to silly Charlie,the Oscars and more,enjoyed them all.

    sheer talent you have with words.


  6. Ted Naron says:

    Thank you, Dominick.

  7. Rovronr says:

    Write something.

  8. Rovronr says:

    Write something else.

  9. Ted Naron says:


  10. Sid Naron says:

    Just saying hello… I have very rarely ran across any other Naron’s. I live in Atlanta,GA and was wondering where do you call home?

  11. Hi Ted,
    I’ve been enjoying the great American songbook and songwriters sections of your blog.
    Particularly, the post about “The House That George Built”, which is like a bible to me, made me think you might be interested in my little project, a video blog about the old songs:

    This one deals with Cole Porter’s musical “Gay Divorce”, and it’s film adaption.
    Hope you enjoy it. Blog on.

  12. Steve Samler says:

    Hey Ted,
    I stumbled onto your blog and thought I’d say hello. Hello from Steve Samler

  13. Ted Naron says:

    Hey Steve, good to hear from you. Hope all is well. Let’s have some coffee. (Taster’s Choice?) I’ll give you a call soon.


  14. Bill Drish says:

    Hi Ted:

    Season’s Greetings to you and Angie.
    It’s been a long time since the days of Walter. He was the best. Miss him.
    Check out the website for my upcoming e-novel, “J-9,” that I wrote and Illustrated. It will go on sale soon, probably in February. Except for the “order” page, the website is finished.

    Bill Drish

    • Ted Naron says:

      Great to hear from you, Bill. I will be on the lookout for your novel. What is the website address? Have a good Christmas.

  15. Bill Drish says:

    Dear Ted:

    The website is J-9-WORLD.com

    The website tells you a lot about the Prologue (Part 0) and a little about Part 1.

    There are linked pages giving more about J-9’s 1956 world. Also, there is an art gallery with samples of art from all 48 chapters.

    Hope you and Angie like it.

    By the way, my editor, Jean-Noel Bassior is super.

    Best wishes for a happy holiday season.

    Love to you and Angie (and Harvey), Bill

  16. Bill Drish says:

    Thank you, Ted. That means a lot to me, since it’s coming from you. I respect your judgement in such matters. You’ve made my day! Hope you enjoy the e-novel when it becomes available. Say “hello” to Angie for me. I hope she likes it too.

  17. Bill Drish says:

    Dear Ted:

    At long last, my e-novel ‘J-9: A 50s Fantasy’ (in six Parts) is on sale.
    You can order and download the six Parts from the website J-9-WORLD.com.
    If you like what you see on the website, I think it’s safe to say that you’ll love the

    Bill Drish

  18. Ted Naron says:

    I will check that out later today. Thanks, Bill!

  19. Bill Drish says:

    Dear Ted:

    I was just looking at your blog, and I thought I’d press “Bill Drish,” because it was underlined. To my surprise, I found that it took me to my website J-9-WORLD.com !!! Thank you so much for making the link! Two days after the six Parts of the e-novel ‘J-9: A 50s Fantasy’ went on sale, I haven’t sold any yet, but your link may start the avalanche! Again, thanks a million!


  20. Robert Gluck says:

    I’m a writer trying to get in touch with Mr. Rudy Behlmer for an article I’m writing for JointMedia News Service. For more info on JNS click here: http://www.jns.org. To read my work click here: http://www.jns.org/latest-articles/?author=513b781be4b0911897d68e76#.VCrOtWddXsY
    The article is on the Jewish connection to Gone With The Wind and includes info on Mr. David O.Selznick. Pease have Mr. Behlmer e mail me. I’d like to interview him in connection with his book Memo from David O. Selznick. Thanks for your time, Robert Gluck

    • Ted Naron says:

      Hi Robert. I’ll pass your request on to Rudy, and if he is interested, he’ll get in touch. Good luck with the piece–sounds interesting.

      • Robert Gluck says:

        Hi Mr. Naron–This is to follow-up. I have not heard from Rudy but…perhaps you can ask him if I can give him a call or send him an e mail? I look forward to hearing from you. Robert Gluck (RobG4444@gmail.com).

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