Who Thought of the Words “Occupy Wall Street”?

I know (and respect) that the Occupy Wall Street movement is leaderless, but I’m still curious who thought of the words Occupy Wall Street. You know that was one person, not a group. Maybe someday we will know. Kudos to whoever it was, because the phrase has become iconic, having now been parodied in a thousand different ways. It really does have a magical power, in a way that Seize Wall Street or March on Wall Street or Main Street vs. Wall Street never could.

Do you know? How do we find out? If Facebook could get Betty White on SNL, surely the hivemind of the internet can identify the person we have to thank for this contribution to the language.

Frank and Barbie.

Courtesy of lovethemsteiff.

Tony Miceli Gets Up.

Tony Miceli takes his first steps after knee replacement surgery.