Hot Coffee Makes Blood Boil.

If you’re not feeling your quota of rage just yet, watch the HBO documentary Hot Coffee. It starts with the famous “ridiculous” McDonald’s case, revealing that it was not ridiculous after all, and then goes on to show how corporations and the AMA, cleverly leveraging the popular perception of that case to convince Americans that we are too litigious, worked successfully with our state legislatures to get us to relinquish our rights to collect appropriate remedies through our judiciary system — the one branch of government that was open to us — when we’ve been harmed.

It doesn’t sound like fun, but the film is so riveting, I couldn’t stop watching. There’s a website for the film which contains links to organizations that are fighting this, which I’m going to give some money to. So the film not only showed me something new, it spurred me into action. The model of successful muckraking.