My Bid for a MacArthur Genius Grant.

bial_deborah_small.jpgOn Tuesday, The MacArthur Foundation named this year’s 24 recipients of its so-called “genius grants.” (To its credit, the Foundation doesn’t actually call them “genius grants”; everybody else does.) These are cole_peter_small.jpgno-strings-attached fellowships of $100,000 a year for five years, to allow the 24 lucky stiffs to pursue their muses unfettered by foul economic necessity.

cooper_lisa_small.jpgThere are only 363 shopping days left until next year’s grants are announced, so I don’t think it’s too early to let the fine folksdefries_ruth_small.jpg at the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation know that I am here.

Here are the criteria,doretti_mercedes_small.jpg as stated on the edwards_marc_small.jpgMacArthur Foundation’s FAQ page: “The selection decisions focus primarily on exceptional creativity, dybek_stuart_small.jpgas demonstrated through a track record of significant achievement, and manifest promise for important future advances.”

Creativity? elowitz_michael_small.jpggriffith_saul_small.jpgI lovingly hand-create each of these blog posts from scratch, with Old World care. And I have created over 45 of them so far—not counting this one! As for the “promise for important future advances,” who knows what I’ll blog about next? The next post I write could lead the way to a renewable energy source for our children and our children’s children.

haakanson_sven_small.jpgThe FAQ goes on: “Emphasis harris_corey_small.jpgis placed on nomineeshayashi_cheryl_small.jpg for whom our support would relieve limitations that inhibit them from pursuing their most innovative ideas.”

Since I have created 45 blog posts so far (not counting this one!) absent the slightest promisehuynh_my_hang_small.jpg of financial remuneration, the mind reels (doesn’t it? mine does) at what I could accomplish kremen_claire_small.jpgwith half a million dollars’ worth of inspiration.

But it’s obvious that the MacArthur folks can’t pick youlovell_whitfield_small.jpg if they don’t know you’re there. matsuoka_yoky_small.jpgI’m not accusing this year’s 24 winners of rank self-promotion—but they had to do something to get noticed!nottage_lynn_small.jpg

Well, one thing I figure is that the MacArthur Foundation has someone on the payroll rothemund_paul_small.jpgwho’s constantly Googling the words “MacArthur Foundation” to see what turns up. With five mentions of “MacArthur Foundation” in this post so far (not counting this one!), roth_mark_small.jpgI figure I stand rubenstein_jay_small.jpga pretty good chance of turning up in the search.shay_jonathan_small.jpg

And I’ve heard that linking to sites is a good way for those sites, in turn, to find you. But upshaw_dawn_small.jpgI’m going further than that, MacArthur Foundation. I’m adding you to my blogroll!wei_shen_small.jpg

It doesn’t take a genius to play this game. But it helps. (Hint, hint.)


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